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2016-2017 ACM Agenda

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has identified six topics for its 2016-2017 Agenda. These are:

  1. Health collaborations in health care
  2. Energy markets in transition
  3. Digitalization - Online consumers
  4. Ports and transport
  5. Clear prices and conditions
  6. Competitive neutrality

We have chosen these themes based on complaints filed with ConsuWijzer, consultations with businesses and consumer organizations, and on our own investigations.

On the dedicated website for the online discussions (, businesses, consumers, local governments, and other organizations were able to join the discussion with ACM about the six topics on the ACM Agenda. We also received responses on Facebook and LinkedIn. The most important results are presented per theme. Where possible, we also explain how we plan to use those results in our strategies for each theme.