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The housing market

ACM helps ensure that the housing market functions better

The housing market is a new focus area on the ACM Agenda for 2022-2023. The Dutch housing market is extremely tight at the moment. Many people have a hard time finding affordable housing. ACM has a small role on the housing market, but the protection of consumers against unfair practices by providers on the housing market (rentals and sales) deserves special attention. In addition, ACM will assess whether distortions of competition exacerbate the housing shortage.

Some of ACM’s activities in 2022:

  • Conducting a market study into market power on the municipal-land market, with extra attention to plots that can be developed, but where no development is planned;
  • Intensifying our oversight of rental agencies and realtors in order to deal with illegal agency fees.
  • Through our consumer information portal ACM ConsuWijzer, providing homeseekers with more information about what fees rental agencies can and cannot charge.