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Energy markets in transition


For the next few years, the reduction of CO2 emissions will dominate Dutch energy policy with the goal to prevent climate change. Innovation plays a key role in the transition towards a sustainable energy sector. It offers options and opportunities for current energy companies, for new market entrants, and for consumers. Think of businesses that make sure you use less energy at times when electricity is expensive as a result of less wind or sunlight, or think of nifty apps that allow you to turn down your heat or turn off the lights remotely, or think of the ability to generate your own power by using solar panels. Thanks to innovations like these, consumers have more and more control over their energy costs. However, this requires that consumers are given clear information, enabling them to make the right choices.

ACM and the energy market

ACM is tasked with contributing to the realization of a well-functioning energy market. Affordability, reliability, and sustainability are central to ACM’s oversight activities. We ensure that energy prices are the result of fair competition.

Consultation on Energy markets in transition

For two weeks, visitors were able to share their thoughts on the topic of 'Energy markets in transition” on the dedicated website for the online discussion ( We received a total of 22 comments about this topic. We also asked visitors to leave comments via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The comments contained important indications that we will use in our task of establishing a well-functioning energy market. For example, some indicated that they were concerned about the risks of electricity prices varying from one hour to the next. You could end up paying more than before. Another concern was the negative effects resulting from local energy co-ops leaving the grid. This could result in network tariffs increasing sharply for those that do stay connected to the public grid.

Over the next few years, we will seek to:

  • Make sure that the transition towards a sustainable energy supply will be efficient, thereby ensuring that energy stays affordable. Well-functioning markets play an invaluable role in that process. ACM sees to it that the energy market can function as well as possible by:
    - Promoting competition, so that consumers continue to have options;
    - Regulating tariffs and other requirements if competition is not fully possible, so that the grid stays affordable for all those connected to it.
  • Continue to meet the prerequisite of security of supply in the transition towards a sustainable energy supply. When transitioning towards sustainable energy, consumers and businesses must be able to rely on the security of supply of energy.
  • Educate consumers properly on their rights, so that they are in a strong position, and enabling them to make conscious choices based on accurate and understandable information.