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National cooperation

Within the Netherlands, we work together with ministries, other regulators, government agencies, scientific institutions, complaints boards, and organizations that protect the interests of businesses and consumers. Some of these collaborations have been laid down in protocols. Below, you will find a list of these collaborations.

What ministries does ACM cooperate with?

The ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EZK) is the most important ministry for ACM. That is because this ministry is politically responsible for most laws we enforce. We also work together with the following ministries:

What regulators does ACM cooperate with?

We regularly cooperate with other regulators. Cooperation with these regulators is important in order to exchange knowledge and experiences. We often face the same questions in our regulatory work. That is why, in 2009, the Consultation Forum of Regulatory Bodies (MTB) was established. This is a collaboration between ACM and six other regulators:

What organizations does ACM have a cooperation protocol with?

In most cases, cooperation with other organizations has been laid down in cooperation protocols. Some of these protocols were signed in the past by the NMa, OPTA and the Netherlands Consumer Authority. These protocols will continue to apply to ACM until they are revised. All relevant protocols are listed below (in Dutch).