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Imperfect behavior? - No more seats left

Our world is not the center of the universe. Learning this painful truth was not unlike the one we face now: we are not as rational as we like to think. Social psychologists and behavioral economists around the world are fascinated by questions about decision-making and its fallacies. It turns out our brain is not entirely rational and instead bases many of its decisions on mental shortcuts and rules of thumb. During this session we will consider a few important questions that result from this insight, such as: what does this mean for the way in which companies function? What consequences does this insight have on the decisions consumers make, and how does this affect marketing methods? And finally, how do these “irrationalities” impact us as regulators?

Two of our best speakers from ACM’s behavioral team and BIT UK will try to answer these questions. We will provide plenty of opportunities for you to ask your own questions, and for further discussion.


  • Mareille de Bloois
    With a degree in social psychology, Mareille was among the first behavioral experts to be employed by ACM. Ever since she has enthusiastically dedicated herself to improving ACM’s knowledge and application of behavioral insights in its enforcement work, focusing mainly on the field of consumer protection.
  • Katy King, BIT UK
    Katy is a Senior Advisor at the Behavioural Insights Team. Prior to joining BIT Katy worked as a strategist for a leading advertising agency. Katy holds a First Class degree in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge University.


  • Henriëtte Prast
    Henriëtte Prast is a Professor at the Finance Department of Tilburg University in The Netherlands. Her expertise is behavioral economics and its policy implications, with a focus on personal finance, health-related behavior and sustainability. She is a member of the Dutch Senate for D66, a Social-Liberal party.