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Blockchain: promises and perils - No more seats left

Blockchain is thought by many to have immense potential, as it may transform the fundamental structures of our society in a decentralized digital realm. But now, the dust of the initial blockchain and cryptocurrency mania is settling down, and more and more criticisms are expressed with respect to the technology’s impact. In this session, we aim to deepen our understanding of the promises and perils of blockchain.


  • Mr. Odysseas Sclavounis
    Mr. Sclavounis is a PhD candidate at the Oxford Internet Institute and a doctoral student at the Alan Turing Institute. His research focuses on the governance of public blockchains.
  • Mr. Wouter van Noort
    Mr. Van Noort is an economic journalist specialized in blockchain and cryptocurrencies for Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad, and he is the author of the book Is daar iemand? Hoe de smartphone ons leven beheerst [Is Anyone There? How Smartphones Control Our Lives].
  • Ms. Mary Starks
    Ms. Starks is Director of Competition and Chief Economist at the Financial Conduct Authority


Mr. Michiel Denkers, Director of ACM’s Competition Department